Gibraltar Cricket make history!

The European Cricket Network (ECN) recently made history with the inaugural Women's International T10 competition, held in Gibraltar. The event, named the European Cricket International Women's (ECIW) event, saw four teams from around Europe compete for the title.

The four teams that participated in the tournament were Gibraltar, Sweden, Netherlands, and Italy. Each team featured a mix of experienced players and up-and-coming talent, and the tournament provided an opportunity for these players to showcase their skills on an international stage.

The format of the tournament was a round-robin followed by finals night. Each team played each other twice in the round-robin stage, with the top two teams advancing to the final. The matches were played at the picturesque Europa Sports Complex in Gibraltar.

All four teams showed great skill and determination. In the end, it was the Netherlands who emerged as champions, defeating Italy in a thrilling final. The Dutch team, led by their captain, the talented all-rounder Heather Siegers, put in a dominant performance, winning the final by 62 runs.

Top Row L-R- N.Laguea, A.Valverde(VC), B.Worth,N.Robeson, Y.To, C.McNally Bottom Row L-R R.Reily, L.Ferrary (C), J.Anson, P.Pai, Y. Blagg, S.Barton

The tournament was a great success in terms of the message it sent out to the cricketing world. Gibraltar Cricket has been a strong advocate for promoting women's cricket, and the ECIW event was another step in that direction. The tournament provided a platform for women's cricket to be showcased on an international stage, and it highlighted the immense talent that exists in the women's game.

The success of the ECIW event bodes well for the future of women's cricket in Europe. With more and more tournaments being organized, and with the support of organizations like the ECN, women's cricket is sure to go from strength to strength in the coming years. The tournament also provided an opportunity for young girls to be inspired by the performances of these talented players, and to aspire to follow in their footsteps.


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